About the company

Tsoukatos LTD is a company that supplies electrical and explosion proof equipment for vessels and plants1.

It is a dynamic family business founded in 1955 by Elias and Eleni Tsoukatos and shortly after became the established supplier of electrical and explosion proof equipment for the shipping, manufacturing and construction industry. Today it is being managed by Konstantina Tsoukatos, and it is being housed in self-owned 1,200 sq. m. facilities in the center of Piraeus, to which 600 sq. m. will be added, currently under construction.

In these 55 years of continuous operation, Tsoukatos LTD has established partnerships with big Greek and International companies. It is the exclusive supplier of marine type cables of the biggest Greek producer of cables, “Hellenic Cables Cablel”, as well as one of the leading European companies of explosion proof equipment, “Nuova Asp”. 

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The organization and production follow the Quality System Management, ISO9001:2000 since 2005 and ISO9001:2008 since 2010, which makes sure that Tsoukatos delivers to its customers high quality products and services. 

Basic operation principles are the continuous learning and development of its employees by register of shipping and technician, the systematic and meticulous study of the emerging needs, of the international market, and the improvement of the quality of the products.

The reason behind all of the above is to serve even the most demanding customers the best way possible. Today, having 50 years of experience, Tsoukatos is considered to be one of the biggest companies in the market.